Odour control

Undesirable odours released from sewers and wastewater overflow pipes can be unpleasant for those in the surrounding area. When a sewer pumping station becomes overloaded, the discharge is usually released through the overflow pipe into a nearby river, lake or other watercourse. If the overflow pipe does not contain an odour prevention device, odours can be emitted into the environment. Using an odour tight non-return check valve can prevent the emission of odours and stop the potential backflow.

WaStop Check valve prevents odours being emitted into buildings and homes

Air flow in the sewer can affect where odours travel.  Buildings can be susceptible to odour problems from the sewer system where pumps and other devices affect the sewers airflow. This can lead to unpleasant odours being emitted into homes and buildings. To prevent the emittance of such odours a non-return odour tight check valve such as WaStop can be used.

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