Tidal Water

Tidal flooding has caused extensive damage in many places around the world. When outfalls become submerged by high sea levels  roads and residential areas may be flooded. This can lead to an increased pressure on the upstream system in general due to inundated infrastructure. By using a product from Wapro, you can be confident that tidal flood waters will not backflow into your stormwater network.

High tide flooding combined with high rainfalls

Tidal flooding occurs during 'King Tides' or 'Spring Tides'. This is when the highest high tides are experienced. It is fairly common for these extra high tides to occur in conjunction with  a major storm event, with heavy rainfall and storm surges taking place. During a heavy rainfall event it is a benefitial to be able to use the stormwater pipe network to attenuate the stormwater whilst the tide or storm surge level is high. Without the use of a check valve, such as WaStop, there is a major risk that stormwater outfalls will be filled with sea, lake or river water. This will reduce the capacity of the stormwater network and increase the risk of flooding upstream.

WaStop, a solution you can trust to mitigate high tide flooding

A dependable inline check valve can drastically decrease flooding and damming during storms and king tide events. WaStop installs in minutes, protects immediately and gives you peace of mind.

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