WaStop® RSD DN110

Complete home protection with non-return valve. To learn more - contact us! 

  • Designed to be installed inline on the sewer lateral - just takes a few minutes
  • Easy installation
  • Protect your property today! 

WaStop® Residential (RSD) stops backflow in sanitary sewer laterals. WaStop RSD should be installed in an accessible point either inside the house, or just outside. Installation is done by removing a section of pipe equal length to the WaStop and attaching the WaStop to the existing pipe with flexible couplings. Care should be taken to ensure the valve is installed right-side-up and should visually inspected twice per year.

• Unique heavy duty memory membrane giving up to 20 years of protection
• Stops liquids, gases, odours, insects and small animals due to the tightly closed membrane
• The market leader with over 20 years experience - driving innovation forward.
• Low opening pressure and high flow capacity to allow almost unimpeded flow through the valve​​​​​​​
• CE-Approved​​​​​​​


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