Are you prepared for the upcoming King Tide?

Unfortunately the King Tide is not optional, it is scientific and it is coming in October.
We at Wapro are standing ready to help you hold back the flood!
We know our products and services are the difference between high-cost flooding and low-cost peace of mind.

In 2016, NC Department of Transportation at Topsail Beach, prepared for the King tide.

Let’s have a closer look at our solution for them…

Location: Topsail Beach, NC

Client: North Carolina Department of Transportation

Problem: At high tide, salt water was infiltrating a storm water system, through an out flow pipe. During lunar high tides this would cause the nearby street to become submerged under up to six inches of salt water.  This salt water was potentially damaging the limestone bed of the road.  This flooding was also causing damages to nearby homes.  Any rainfall during these high tide events further exacerbated flooding.

Solution: An existing storm water vault near the road way was expanded, and the outflow pipe was fitted with a WaStop. The WaStop was installed on the inlet side of the outflow pipe that salt water had been using to infiltrate the system.  This will reclaim the storm water system for rain water.

Design: A soft WaStop NPS 15″ was installed on the inlet side of the outflow pipe. A marine grade stainless steel pipe and soft membrane was specified due to the salt water conditions and relatively low backpressure requirements.

The installation was complete in a few minutes and the local residents can now rest assured that WaStop will protect their homes and property twice a day, every day.

Thanks to Specialty Valve for the installation and information.

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