History of Wapro

In 1988 Mats Persson, a civil engineer, discovered a need that could not be solved with traditional products, so he invented WaBack, a non-return chamber for sewer and stormwater. Mats discovered the potential for his invention was bigger than he initially imagined and he founded Wapro AB later the same year and continue to grow the business. Mats goal was to invent products that provided the best possible protection against flooding, odour and backflow in stormwater and sewer systems.

Starting with WaBack, a backflow prevention chamber, Wapro’s products quickly gained traction in Sweden. Following the success of WaBack, Mats went on to invent WaStop, an inline check valve to prevent flooding in stormwater and sewer systems. A third product, WaReg, quickly followed and was designed to autonomously regulate stormwater and to round-off the product portfolio. Over the coming years Mats marketed and sold the product portfolio in Sweden and the Nordic countries. He understood there was a market far and beyond the neighbouring countries and the worldwide expansion began.

In 2013 The Wapro Way, Wapro’s sales strategy, was penned and created a solid platform for growth both within Wapro’s own organisation and together with Partners worldwide. Wapro Inc was founded in 2015 in USA and expansion began into the North American market. In 2017 Wapro became part of the Lagercrantz Group, which gives a solid financial backing and the synergy that comes from being part of a strong focused group of companies. Lagercrantz is a Business-to-Business value-creating technology group offering proprietary products and products from leading suppliers.

Today Wapro has a growing international presence with employees located in Sweden, USA and Germany. Today Wapro invents, innovates, manufactures, tests, promotes and sells products to 49 countries. Working with strong Partners in many of markets gives local knowledge, support and invaluable connectivity with the users of Wapro’s products.

Wapro has become the market leader in high-quality protection against flooding, odour control and backflow through innovation and an overwhelming desire to exceed expectations. Wapro is ISO certified with ISO9001 and ISO14001, and has a robust environmental policy. High quality brings success and minimizing the environmental impact is a mission.

Through innovative solutions and more than 55 000 installations, Wapro´s product portfolio has prevented thousands of floods throughout the years. All with an ambition to keep people and properties safe. Common-sense and simplicity, and a determination to perform above expectations, enable us to solve problems existing today, and tomorrow.

Mats Persson´s initial inspiration and inventions provided a good platform which has taken Wapro to what it is today. Mats now enjoys following Wapro’s journey from his hammock and Wapro blossoms with the same energy and culture as with which it was started.

Holding back the flood


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