Jessica Beach PE St Augustine, Florida USA

Professional Engineer, Public Works Department, City of St Augustine
Jessica Beach PE talking about Backflow Protection

We have to do a lot of work with awareness and preparations relating to high tides and what you can expect, how it will affect people. I’m constantly aware of the moon phases and winds, and when the high tide rolls in, the phone is constantly ringing and I get inundated with emails.

This has been going on for the past 23-30 years.  However, in recent years it seems to be more exacerbated with the tidal flooding. I do think we are seeing the effects of sea level rise influencing that frequency of tidal flooding. As part of the Davis Shores tide check valve project, we began to educate residents and issue “Flood and or High Tide Advisories” when we knew that the tidal flooding would impact the City’s roadways.  We also pushed out through our website and our social media channels, like Facebook, etc. when we could anticipate these tidal flooding situations. This included working with our Public Affairs Department in getting the message out to issue warnings about when the moon and winds will affect the sea level and urge the general public to keep abreast of the weather and what’s happening, and make preparations so as to minimize impacts to their daily lives.

We get flooded just by the normal high tide, it doesn’t take much of a high tide for us to be hit. A lot of other places are only affected by, for example, king tides, but that’s not the case for us unfortunately. We are more frequently impacted by high tides, king tides and nor’easters, at least  12-16 times a year. When we began installing the tide check valves, we started in an area of the City that was greatly affected by Hurricane Matthew, a low-lying heavily populated residential neighborhood and began retrofitting the stormwater outfalls with the valves.  As we near the completion of that project, we will start targeting the remaining City wide outfalls (which is about  80) and continue that outfall retrofit effort with the installation of the tide check valves.   The most impacted by tidal flooding is our infrastructure. The salt water does substantial damage to everything it comes into contact with, and the thing has done the most damage to would probably be our roads, which are disintegrating in some areas where the tidal flooding occurs. An assessment of our streets was carried out in 2015 and the follow-up analysis, barely three years later, shows a rapidly accelerating negative impact on our streets where we see the tidal flooding.”

Image of Jessica Beach
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