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The impact of floods on our communities and our homes

The impact of floods on our communities and our homes

I believe most of us have taken note of the significant increase in rainfall that has occurred lately around the world. These intense rain fall events lead to flooding in our communities, in our homes and also have a negative CO2 impact. A basement flood causes significant damage to belongings, memories, investments and can be costly to restore.

A personal experience

For many of us, these floods have not just been headlines but a personal experience. Intense rainfall unfortunately can overwhelm sewer systems, leading to sewage water backing up through pipes and flooding basements. It´s not only an extremely unpleasant experience, but valuable possessions are at risk of damage.

How can basement flooding be prevented during heavy rain?

The WaBack non-return chamber has been on the market for over 35 years and offers a reliable solution to minimize the risk of basement flooding.

Investing in a WaBack non-return chamber provides you with peace of mind. With minimal maintenance required, property owners need not worry about basement floods and can instead feel secure that no damage will occur during the next rainfall.

How does the WaBack non-return chamber work?

The WaBack non-return chamber ensures that basements remain dry during heavy rain or other events that cause backflow. The valve remains open for flow under normal conditions, however, during backflow the floatation device rises and seals against a disc effectively sealing off the pipe from backflow. The WaBack is particularly useful for heavily polluted water and can therefore be used in both sewage and stormwater systems.

WaBack is available in a few models to suit different applications, such as an Access model for easily maintenance at depth, and a Residential version for basement installations.



By mitigating floods, the impact on the environment is reduced by stopping the chemicals and heavy metals being washed out into our rivers and oceans, and preventing water damage to homes which decreases the need for renovation and sanitization.

Non-return valves aren't just beneficial for homeowners – a community can benefit from preventing basement flooding by reducing damage and costs, improving the living environment, increasing property values, and preserving infrastructure.


To learn more about how you can contribute to flood prevention, read more here.

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What is Aquaculture? A beginners guide.

Aquaculture, also known as fish farming, is the cultivation of aquatic animals and plants for food, recreation, and other purposes. It is a growing industry that provides a sustainable source of seafood and other products and plays an important role in meeting the increasing demand for protein and other resources.

Fish farming involves the breeding, rearing, and harvesting of fish, shellfish, and other aquatic animals in controlled environments, such as ponds, tanks, and coastal areas. It can be done on a small scale, such as in backyard ponds, or on a large commercial scale, with thousands of fish being raised in specialized facilities.

There are many different species of fish and other aquatic animals that are raised in fish farming operations, including salmon, tilapia, catfish, and shrimp. In addition to providing food for human consumption, aquaculture also has a number of other benefits, including supporting local economies, providing employment, and conserving wild fish populations.

Fish farming can be a sustainable and environmentally friendly way to produce seafood, as it can reduce pressure on wild fish stocks and minimize the impact on natural ecosystems. However, it is important to ensure that fish farming operations are well-managed and follow best practices to minimize their environmental impact. This can include using sustainable feed, reducing the risk of disease transmission, and protecting water quality.

If you are interested in learning more about aquaculture and fish farming, there are many resources available to help you get started. Organizations such as the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations and the World Aquaculture Society provide information and support for those interested in this field.

By understanding more about aquaculture and its role in providing sustainable seafood and other products, we can help to support the growth and development of this important industry.

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RiaWatech will become Wapro!

Dear valued customers and partners,

2021 was the year when Riawatech and Wapro joined. Wapro has been a customer and partner to Riawatech on the Swedish market for over ten years and the cooperation is well established. In April 2021 Riawatech became a part of Wapro Group.

We are therefore excited to take the next step in this integration by announcing that from April 1st, RiaWatech will now be fully rebranded as Wapro. This means that Riawatech name and logo will change to Wapro.

This merge and cooperation will give a wider product portfolio to all existing customers and partners, both Riawatech and Wapro´s customer. Former Riawatech, known for the expertise in designing and manufacturing sluice gates, gate valves, and three-way valves for fish transport in fish farming will now be able to offer Wapro´s range of inline check valves Wastop, Waback and flow regulations.

We, RiaWatech and Wapro, look forward to continuing to serve our valued customers with our solutions. Keep an eye on our website and social media channels for updates on this name change. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

Best regards,
The “New” Wapro Team

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The environmental effects of floodings

Flooding is a natural disaster that can have catastrophic consequences for communities. Not only does it cause significant damage to homes and infrastructure, but it can also have far-reaching effects on the environment and the health of the people who live in affected areas.

One of the most serious environmental impacts of flooding is soil erosion. When floodwaters recede, they can leave behind a layer of sediment that can damage crops and make the land less fertile. This can have serious implications for food security, as agriculture is a vital part of many communities' livelihoods. Additionally, the water that flows through floodwaters can carry pollutants from a variety of sources, including roads, agricultural fields, and industrial sites. These pollutants can contaminate soil and water, posing a threat to the health of people and wildlife alike.

Flooding can also have negative impacts on wildlife and ecosystems. In natural areas, floods can alter the landscape, destroying habitats and disrupting the balance of species. This can have far-reaching implications for the health of ecosystems, as well as the availability of natural resources like timber and clean water. Floods can also lead to the spread of invasive species, which can further harm the natural environment.

The effects of flooding can be mitigated, however, through proactive measures like investing in flood protection infrastructure. Levees, dams, and other structures can help prevent flooding or reduce its impact on communities and the environment. Additionally, proper land use planning and zoning can help minimize the impact of flooding on both people and the environment.

The importance of preparing for potential flooding cannot be overstated. It's crucial to be vigilant and informed about the risks in your area, and to take steps to protect yourself, your family, and your community. By investing in flood protection measures, communities can help safeguard their environment against the damaging effects of flooding.

At Wapro, we are committed to helping communities and individuals protect themselves and the environment from the impacts of flooding. Through innovative solutions like our flow control technology and our backflow protection, we aim to empower communities to take control of their own flood protection needs. With the right tools and resources, we can work together to build a more resilient future for all.

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Why it's important to invest in flood protection

Flooding can have devastating consequences, both in terms of damage to property and infrastructure and loss of life. It is a natural disaster that can strike anywhere, and it is important to be prepared and to take steps to protect ourselves and our communities from its impacts.

One of the keyways to protect against flooding is to invest in flood protection measures. These measures should focus on keeping the water at bay and reducing the risk of flooding and its associated damages.

Flood protection is crucial for a number of reasons. Firstly, it can help to protect lives and property by preventing or mitigating the impacts of floodwaters. This can save lives, as well as reduce the financial cost of flooding, which can be significant.

Secondly, flood protection can help to protect the environment. Floods can have serious environmental consequences, such as soil erosion, water pollution, and the destruction of habitats. By investing in flood protection, we can help to reduce these negative impacts and protect the natural systems that support our communities.

Thirdly, flood protection can help to ensure the economic stability of communities. Flooding can disrupt business, transportation, and other essential services, which can have far-reaching economic consequences. By investing in flood protection, we can help to minimize these disruptions and ensure that our communities remain economically viable.

There are many different types of flood protection measures available, and it is important to choose the right one for your community based on your specific needs and vulnerabilities. By investing in good flood protection, we can help to safeguard our communities and protect ourselves against the damaging effects of this natural disaster.

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The financial effects of floodings

Flooding can have serious financial consequences for individuals, communities, and businesses. It can result in damage to property and infrastructure, as well as the loss of valuable assets, which can be costly to repair or replace. In addition, flooding can disrupt transportation, communication, and other essential services, which can have far-reaching economic impacts.

One of the main financial effects of flooding is the cost of damage to property and infrastructure. This can include damage to homes, businesses, roads, bridges, and other structures. In many cases, the cost of repairing or replacing these assets can be significant, especially if the flooding is severe.

Another financial effect of flooding is the loss of income and disruption of businesses. Flooding can force businesses to close temporarily or permanently, which can result in lost sales and profits. It can also disrupt supply chains and other business operations, which can have knock-on effects on the economy.

In addition to the direct costs of flooding, there are also indirect costs to consider. For example, flooding can lead to increased insurance premiums, as well as other financial burdens, such as the cost of temporary housing or lost wages. It can also have negative impacts on property values and the overall economy.

To mitigate the financial effects of flooding, it is important to invest in flood prevention and mitigation measures. Investing in flood protection can help to reduce the risk of flooding and its associated damages. It is also important to have a plan for how to cope financially in the event of a flood.

By understanding the financial effects of flooding and taking steps to protect ourselves, we can help to minimize the financial impact of this natural disaster on our lives and our communities.

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New solutions for shut-off and flow control

It is devasting if environmentally hazardous substances reach our surface water, recipients, pasture land or water sources. With our solutions for shut-off, you ensure emergency shut-off on roads and in industries, or shutdown at incoming lines for pumping stations, to facilitie straightforward operational and maintenance work. All of this is so you and everyone in our world will feel completely safe.

Read more here or contact our product specialists for more information.

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Meet Ville Wendel at manufacturing and customer support

If you have questions regarding manufacturing, logistics and customer support for us at Wapro, Ville Wendel can certainly answer most things. For five years, Ville has accumulated a lot of experience and knowledge about the manufacture of our solutions. He also makes sure that the logistics work so the right product is sent to the right customer at the right time. The accumulated knowledge is valuable to have since he became one of our stars in customer support for half of his working days.

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Say hello to Filip Fagerström, sourcing

Filip Fagerström is our colleague who does an excellent job with purchasing and is the spider in the net between warehousing, production, suppliers and delivery reliability.


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Happy holiday season & A Happy New Year

Soon the Holiday Season is here and a New Year is coming up.

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This year's Christmas gift

This Christmas Wapro has chosen to contribute to developing nations in their efforts to vaccinate against covid-19 instead of Christmas cards and chocolate.

The pandemic is global and we believe that working together is the right way to go to fight the virus and its affect on people´s lives.

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Join a webinar with our product specialist Martin Widerberg

Join a webinar with our product specialist Martin Widerberg, Dec 16 at 10 AM to learn about flood protection with the WaStop Inline Check Valve.

The webinar will consist of case studies from around the world where you will learn about the ingenious function of the WaStop Inline Check Valve and how our solutions have helped protect people and property from thousands of floods around the world over the years!

Register today!

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We're hiring in UK

Are you dynamic, driven and have an overwelming desire to perform? We're looking for you!

If you're based in the UK and could be passionate about protecting people and property from flooding, contact us today! 

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Meet Sven von Radloff, Regional Sales Manager in southern Germany

Sven von Radloff from Germany is our latest star in our sales force, Sven started at Wapro in August 2021. Before Wapro he was working in the automotive industry selling spare parts for commercial vehicles worldwide, but especially to northern and southern Africa. When Sven saw the opportunity to apply for an interesting sales job as responsible for Southern Germany, he took the chance. Most of the time he is on the road visiting new and old customers working on solutions against flooding to protect people and properties.  


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Meet Gabe Lederman, Sales Manager in the Northeast Territory, USA

It was about 2,5 half years ago in February 2019 when Gabe Lederman became an employee at Wapro Inc. Before working for Wapro Gabe worked in the wastewater sector selling water treatment and pumping equipment. At Wapro he is Sales Manager in the Northeast Territory in the United States, selling solutions for flood protection to keep people and property safe and sound.

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Happy summer!

Our warehouse is full and we have fast delivery of our products all summer.

Happy Summer

- The Wapro Team

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Welcome to technical support

Since the autumn of 2019, Fredrik has provided technical support and customized solutions to Wapro's customers and works closely with the sales team. A normal day includes product development, 2D and 3D CAD drawings for customized solutions as well as conducting product tests in Wapro's test facility. 

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Meet Peter Olsson

Peter Olsson, our Scandinavian Sales Manager, started his journey with Wapro in 2007 by working on the stand at the Water and Wastewater exhibition in Gothenburg.

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Wapro expands product portfolio

Wapro AB, a Swedish based market leader in high quality solutions for flow regulation and flood protection, acquires the Danish niche company Proagria Miljø A/S. 

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Welcome to a digital event

Grab a seat for our digital event “Mitigating the Consequences of Increased Flood Hazards in Municipalities”. During the event we will go through the driving forces behind increased flooding and how this will affect the stormwater systems. You will also learn the basic concepts for how modern check valves will minimize the problems.

Speakers are Lynn Burnett, Professional Engineer at LTA Engineers LLCm, Torgny Larsson, Managing Director at Wapro AB/Inc and Gabe Lederman, Mid-Atlantic Territory Sales Manager at Wapro Inc.

Welcome to join us on 24th of March 2021, 1 pm, EDT

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