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WaBack® Residential

Area of use: Residential
WaBack Residential DN110

WaBack Residential has been specially adapted for private properties. The product prevents backflow of waste water and surface water. It is installed in basements and homes in low-lying areas where sewer flooding is a risk. The product provides immediate and cost-effective protection against backflow and basement flooding, so you can rest assured that your basements will remain dry.

Immediate protection

The product is installed in the existing drainage pipe.

The solution is available for DN110

The solution protects against: 

  • Backflow
  • Flooding

Some advantages of the solution: 

  • Works immediately and automatically
  • Is always open for flow under normal operating conditions 
  • Has full drainage ventilation
  • Allows easy access in the event of inspections and maintenance
  • Is made of corrosion-free material, making for a long service life


Wapro's solutions require minimal maintenance, have a low life-cycle cost and are simple to install. The delivery time for all products is short, and stock items are sent immediately.

Basement protected against flooding

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