City of Anna Maria

Dean Jones
Public Works Manager
City of Anna Maria
Anna Maria Island, Florida

“A product with a lot of pressure loss would have been devastating for us. This island is very small, so it doesn’t take much to flood it. All it takes is 5 cm of rain and half the island is under water, and the phones are going crazy with calls from worried and concerned locals.

One major problem with inefficient flood protection that doesn’t stop the influx of water and drain out excess water is the possibility of extensive environmental impact. Fertilizers and phosphates are the kind of things that can easily get swept along and mixed into the flood waters if they are not quickly drained off. Here in Florida we use a lot of fertilizer, so our plants and crops can grow all year round, and although fertilizing is prohibited from October to May, people ignore that. They fertilize whenever they feel like it. Fertilizer that gets washed out to sea is devastating and algal blooms are a result of that. This might be a major contributing factor to the sharp increase in algal blooming and red tides we’ve seen over the past 10-15 years.

The faster we can remove the water, the cleaner the water will be, as it simply flows out into the marine environment. And the less impact it has on the environment, the better. We are all guardians of the environment and any solution that can make things easier in that respect is a solution I’ll endorse.”

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