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WaReg® Flow Regulator

The WaReg flow regulator has been designed to deal with surface water during heavy rainfall, and thereby minimise and even prevent flooding of our communities. The product has been prepared so it can be adjusted in line with changed circumstances, including after installation.



WaReg® Flow regulator
Technical specifications

WaReg has been designed to be suitable for most applications, and for dealing with flows from 2 L/second to 250 L/second. We at Wapro test models up to NPS 12" for flow, to make sure it is correct prior to delivery. The flow can be adjusted after installation, within a certain range. 

WaReg has connection dimensions from NPS 3" up to NPS 16". 


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Drawings and technical specifications

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Nominal Pipe Size
286.60 lb
25.40 in
Chamber Diameter
39.40 in
Invert-Ground min.
48.40 in
Min Flow
0.07 cfs
Max Flow
0.18 cfs
Sand trap
11.80 in
Construction length
54.60 in
Sealed for one-sided pressure

Area of use

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