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Wapro offers complete solutions for flow regulation and flood management for both public and private organizations as well as for residential applications. Our products also prevent pests from penetrating the wastewater network and mitigate sewer odour issues in the network.


At Wapro the environmental impact of flooding is taken seriously. A restoration after a flood leads to carbon dioxide emissions. Calculated cautiously, since 2018, our products have prevented 15,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions, which corresponds to about 8 trips around the world with a petrol-powered car. Additionally, our solutions prevent heavy metals from reaching the sea and watercourses.

WaBack® Non-return chamber

WaBack Non-return chamber protects against backflows, overload and flooding in drains and as protection against backflow of stormwater and wastewater. It is advantageously used in heavily polluted water.

WaBack® Access

WaBack Access has all the benefits of the WaBack Non-return valve. The difference is that WaBack Access comes in a chamber where the WaBack Non-return valve is detachable from the ground.

WaBack® Residential

WaBack Residential is specially adapted for private properties and is installed in homes located in low-lying areas. The product prevents backflow from wastewater and stormwater.
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