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Area of use

Flood protection

Avoid flooding due to backflow by using our innovative check valves.

Flow regulation

Prevent flooding and congestion of piping systems due to uncontrolled flows.

Shut-off & Control

Avoid environmentally hazardous substances getting into surface water, water sources, pasture, arable land etc.


Wapro offers solutions specially adapted for homes.

Pests & Odors

Avoid unpleasant smells from drains and keep pests away from the water-supply and sewer network.


Flow control for sustainable fish farming

More than 60,000 Professional installations worldwide since 1989


Newly developed residential area protected from flooding


Meet Peter Olsson

Wapro gives you peace of mind


We are quality and environment certified. If we certify ourselves, we do it because we really care. Thanks to our solutions, we make many environmental gains, including flushing a much smaller amount of heavy metals into the sea and watercourses.

WaStop Access Large DN315 till Tofta

We have our own production, in-house development and testing, high-quality patented products, and finds solutions to all challenges. 

Wapro experts

Thanks to long worldwide experience combined with a high degree of technical knowledge, we understand your challenges and how they can be met cost-effectively. 


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