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Flood protection

We are increasingly experiencing heavy rain and extreme weather. The good news is that there are ways of preventing and minimising the risk of flooding. Our patented check valves have prevented thousands of floods. We always strive for the best possible solution in accordance with your requirements. To give you peace of mind. 


Below are various solutions for flood protection as well as reference projects that provide insight into how Wapro's Inline Check valves have reduced the risk of floods.


WaBack® Non-return chamber

WaBack Non-return chamber protects against backflows, overload and flooding in drains and as protection against backflow of stormwater and wastewater. It is advantageously used in heavily polluted water.

WaBack® Access

WaBack Access has all the benefits of the WaBack Non-return valve. The difference is that WaBack Access comes in a chamber where the WaBack Non-return valve is detachable from the ground.


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