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WaStop® Floor drain

Area of use: Flood protection
WaStop Spygattbrunn

The WaStop Floor drain is designed to ensure that property owners never have to worry about basement flooding or damage to their belongings during heavy rainfall or melting periods.

During intense rain, water can be directed from the drainage system and up through the drain. This water can then enter through the basement door, causing significant damage. To prevent damage to the property, basement, furniture, and electronic equipment, an effective solution is required. That is why the WaStop Floor drain is integrated with the WaStop Inline check valve.

When back pressure occurs from the drainage system and water flows back towards the floor drain, the WaStop Inline check valve prevents water from rising out of the well and further into the property through the door. This ensures that the property remains dry and protected from flooding.

The WaStop Floor drain is an innovative climate-proofing solution to prevent flooding.


WaStop-Floor drain


  • It can be placed or mounted at the bottom of the basement stairs or at the bottom of the garage driveway
  • At the lowest point outside the basement door or garage door
  • Integrated into the concrete structure of basement stairs or basement entrances
  • In other locations where there is a risk of water or sewage leakage from external sources


  • Reliable and efficient solution for rain- and snowmelt and also flood prevention
  • Integrated WaStop Inline check valve prevents water intrusion into the property
  • Easy installation and maintenance
  • Sustainable and robust construction ensuring a long lifespan
  • Designed for installation in concrete floors, and installation is facilitated with the help of adjustable legs
  • Load class L15: Suitable for areas with light vehicle traffic, excluding truck traffic. Tested according to SS-EN 1253-1 with a load of 10 kN. Maximum point load is one-third of the maximum load weight

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WaStop® Floor drain

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