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WaBack® Non-return chamber

Area of use: Flood protection
WaBack® Backventil

The WaBack non-return chamber is a tried-and-tested product that provides immediate and automatic protection against backflow. The product is usually used as protection against basement flooding, and is fitted to service pipes and pipe networks. Used against overload and flooding in drains and as protection against backflow of surface water and waste water. The product is used to advantage in extremely polluted water, and can thus be used in both sewer and stormwater systems. The flow area is completely open, to ensure blockages are prevented.

Immoderate and automatic protection

WaBack is an "all in one" installation that works as both as an inspection chamber and as an automatic non-return valve. The solution is available as standard for pipe NPS 4"-NPS12". 

The solution protects against: 

  • Backflow
  • Flooding

Some advantages of the solution:

  • Works immediately and automatically
  • Is always open for flow under normal operating conditions 
  • Has full drainage ventilation
  • Allows easy access in the event of inspections and maintenance
  • Is made of corrosion-free material, making for a long service life
  • Is tried-and-tested - has been on the market for more than 30 years

The WaStop is also available with an access chamber, allowing easier access from ground level. The product is then called WaBack Access. 

Wapro's solutions require minimal maintenance, have a low life-cycle cost and are simple to install. The delivery time for all products is short, and stock items are sent immediately.

Basement protected against flooding

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WaBack® Non-return chamber

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WaBack® Non-return chamber


WaBack® Non-return chamber


WaBack® Non-return chamber


WaBack® Non-return chamber

NPS 12
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