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Newly developed residential area protected from flooding

Municipality of Kristinehamn| Sannakajen, Kristinehamn Sweden| Flood protection

The problem

An old industrial area situated at the harbour entrance on Lake Vänern, has been rejuvenated with the development of a newly built residential area, Sannakajen. The residential area is popular with close proximity to nature, the lake and the possibility of your own mooring at the newly built piers. The majority of the old industrial area has been transformed into retirement villages, multi-family homes, terraced houses and villas in a modern design, many of them energy efficient. The first family moved in on a sunny day in July 2016.

Sannakajen was often affected by flooding, both during development and after the homes were ready for families to move in.  Flooding occurred in the lowest points of the development predominately due to newly created hard surfaces such as roads, car parking and building. Stormwater that was unable to be drained away caused extensive and costly damage to a number of homes.

The Municipality of Kristinehamn needed to find a quick reliable solution before more home were damaged.  


WaStop® Access

Kristinehamn Municipality's Water & Wastewater department had installed  several WaStop inline check valves previously on other problem sites, both in sanitary sewer and stormwater networks. They’ve found WaStop to be easy to install, reliable, and a high quality product. 

Wapro recommended a variation of WaStop for this particular project, WaStop Access Large, which is an all-in-one chamber and inline check valve solution. This was ideal for Sannakajen due to the lack of chambers in the network. WaStop Access saves on installation costs, requiring only connections to the inlet and outlet pipes. It is also low maintenance given that the check valve module is accessible from ground level.
- The fact that you can perform maintenance on the inline check valve without going down into the chamber is an extra plus and one of the main reasons for choosing WaStop Access, says Tommy Holm, Network Supervisor at the Municipality of Kristinehamn. 

A total of 8 WaStop Access chambers were installed on the sewer laterals at Sannakajan. The WaStop Inline Check Valve provides the best possible protection against flooding caused by backflow. The residents can now sleep peacefully through storms without worrying about water in the hall when they wake up.

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