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WaStop® Plastic Series

The WaStop plastic series immediately protects people and properties from floods, backflow, unpleasant smells and pests. In short, it has all the advantages of a WaStop Inline Check valve. The pipes available on the market are not always in perfect condition, but our plastic series has been specially designed to enable easy installation in existing pipes.


Technical specifications

The WaStop plastic series is recessed into pipes using simple sleeves or flexible couplings. The series has been designed to be easily retrofitted to your new or existing sewage pipe. Common installations: 

  • Existing pipes

The product is available as standard for pipes from NPS 3" to NPS 12". We also customise in accordance with the customer's requirements.  


Download technical specification
Drawings and technical specifications

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Nominal Pipe Size
Valve body length
4.90 in
0.70 lb
Max back pressure
16.40 ft2O
Horizontal closing pressure
5.50 inH2O
Horizontal opening pressure
11.20 inH2O
Submerged opening pressure
7.50 inH2O
Submerged closing pressure
4.30 inH2O
Vertical opening pressure
10.20 inH2O
Vertical closing pressure
3.90 inH2O

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