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About us

Wapro specializes in innovative solutions for protecting people, property, and the environment from floods and their aftermath, as well as supporting sustainable fish farming. With its high level of expertise and long experience, Wapro moves forward as conditions change. We exceed expectations and ensure a worry-free existence for our customers. 

With rising sea levels and the knowledge that extreme weather is becoming increasingly common, our work is getting more and more important. We take pride in always supplying our customers with solutions that are of the highest quality, the most simple and at the same time the most cost-effective. 


Our values are based on our view of value: Value = the company + products + you. All parts of the value chain are important, thus Wapro invests in its employees. Everyone is important, and is a vital part of the organisation. We have a simple philosophy: common sense and simplicity. When the corporate culture is based on common sense and simplicity, it gives Wapro a non-hierarchical and open organisation. 

International company

Wapro is an international Swedish company. We currently have sales in over 50 countries. This development has been facilitated by our sales of high-quality products the customer can rely on. Products that give the customer peace of mind, quite simply. 

Quality and the environment

We take quality and the environment extremely seriously. We have be a role model when it comes to quality and environmental issues. Thanks to our systematic environmental work we’re constantly improving within the area. Read more here … 


We at Wapro are customer-focused, passionate and dedicated to innovative solutions for backflow and flow regulation. 

Common sense, simplicity and a determination to exceed expectations allow us to resolve current and future problems.

Strengths and promise to customers

A company is the sum of a totally well-thought-out promise to customers. We offer you: 

  • High-quality products that are customised when necessary
  • An experienced and expert team that is always at your service
  • Fast service (support within 24 hours), in the right place at the right time 
  • Fast delivery

The strengths are based on long experience worldwide – we keep stocks in nine countries, so we can always meet your needs quickly. We also have a well-trained sales team that is available for site visits. We furthermore have our own production, and an engineering team that is working on development and testing. There is no better guarantee in terms of ability to meet your needs. And therein lies our attitude: we do everything to satisfy you. We always want to be more than satisfied with what we have delivered to you! Collaboration with us means security and safety. 

In short: Peace of mind!      

That’s the “Wapro way”!