About Wapro

We can all see it, feel it, experience it –climate change affects us all. Regardless of where we reside, more frequent and higher levels of precipitation is something we must get used to. And handle. With heavy rain and storms causing severe problems in urban areas, we at Wapro, have committed to protect individuals as well as communities from flooding through stormwater and sewer networks. Through innovative solutions, Wapro’s solutions have prevented thousands of floods throughout the years. All with an ambition to keep people and property safe and sound.

Wapro is a Swedish company with a large international presence. We develop, manufacture, test, market and sell our products to 49 countries. Wapro is the market leader in high-quality protection against backflow and flow control. Wherever there is a need to prevent flooding in stormwater and wastewater networks as well as odors and pests from sewage pipes, we will be there.

Our goal is to be perceived as a company that creates peace of mind and simplicity for the customer's complex problems. We are responsive, inquisitive, down to earth, professional and customer focused. At Wapro, as an employee, you have the opportunity to be part of a company with start-up growth where transformation is a constant state. You have the chance to grow and develop in step with the company.

Our mission statement

We at Wapro are customer-centric, nimble and passionate with innovative solutions for backflow and flow regulation.

Common-sense and simplicity, and a determination to perform above expectations, enable us to solve problems existing today, and tomorrow.

Our values

Wapro’s value comes from our belief in the value chain: value = company + product + you. Each part of the value chain is important and means Wapro invests in our employees. Each and every employee is important and a vital part of our organization. We have a simple philosophy – common sense and simplicity. A company culture based around common sense and simplicity gives Wapro a non-hierarchical and open organization. Success is measured in value added for our customers.

Our customer promises

Through our values we commit ourselves to our customer promises. Our customers have the right to expect;

  • That we always offer the best solution based on customers´needs and requirements
  • Accuracy in our quoting, order handling and billing procedures
  • Quality products and efficient service at the right time and right place. Always
  • That we do things right the first time, every time
  • Strong technical support as and when needed
  • Knowledgeable salespeople and hassle-free support
  • That we are organized, structured and are focused on common sense and simplicity
  • That a relationship with Wapro gives peace of mind

Our strengths

Our employees are part of our strength. By being willing to adapt and change, humble, goal-driven and self-motivated in combination with long experience in the industry, we have identified our strengths that make us the market leader in our industry;

  • Technical know-how
  • Experience
  • Own production
  • Swedish quality
  • In-house Engineering team
  • Technical support within 24 hours
  • Dedicated outside sales team
  • Worldwide experience in flood prevention
  • Fast deliveries on standard items for pipes from 3” (75mm)) to 72" (1800mm)
  • Inventory in USA, Sweden, Germany, Norway, Poland, Switzerland, United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand

Our quality and environmental work

Wapro takes responsibility for quality and the environment in a sensible and exemplary way. We are quality and environmentally certified according to ISO9001 and ISO14001 and have an internal environmental policy. In short, we;

• Conduct structured and systematic environmental work with the aim of constantly improving the business environmentally
• Work in a way to prevent pollution
• Following environmental legislation, national environmental quality objectives and other requirements that apply to the business
• Increase employees' skills and sense of responsibility for the environmental impact of the business

Wapro's environmental policy and ISO certifications can be found here.

We create value for our customers. That value is built on the advantages our products offer, the commitment and drive built into each and every person at Wapro, and the quality and security that Wapro provides.
Torgny Larsson
President, Wapro Inc

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