Basement flooding

WaBack non-return chamber and WaStop inline check valves ensure your basement remains dry during storm events. Basement flooding causes extensive damage and is costly to restore. Basements are often used as entertainment rooms or storage rooms with value equipment or keep-sake items stored. Having your basement flooded with a mixture of stormwater and sewer is not a pleasant experience.

Flooding in your basement can be avoided by having a WaBack or WaStop installed.

Basement Flooding Protection with WaBack

  • 100% sealed against backflow
  • Autonomous action with no moving or electrical parts
  • Minimal maintenance
  • 100% open flow area during normal operation

Three versions of WaBack are available:

Standard: Complete chamber with backwater stop and sealing ring for the corrugated PP shaft. Designed to fit Wavin Tegra 600mm corrugated PP shaft. Available in DN110, DN160, DN200 and DN315

Access: Complete chamber with backwater stop and sealing ring for the corrugated PP shaft. WaBack module is removable from ground level. Designed to fit Wavin Tegra 425mm corrugated PP shaft. Available in DN110, DN160.

Residential: Complete sealed unit for installation in basement. Available in DN110. See WaBack Residential for more information on this product.

Basement Flooding Protection with WaStop

  • Protection from sewer backflow
  • Designed for residential applications
  • Insensitive to toilet paper and other solids

WaStop Residential is designed to fit standard sewer pipes. We have designed a range of valves for protecting memories, protecting basements filled with photographs, toys, electronics or books. WaStop Residential flood protection valves are available from DN75-DN200. 

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