Flow regulation

As cities and towns grow the impervious surfaces increase leading to greater stormwater runoff. Stormwater is a major cause of urban flooding. Older towns and cities are unable to re-lay their stormwater pipes due to buildings and other utilities, and it is therefore necessary for them to maximize the use of existing infrastructure, and manage stormwater runoff in new ways.

Flow regulation of the stormwater to prevent flooding

Stormwater harvesting has become necessary along with regulation of the flow of stormwater into the existing stormwater infrastructure. Regulations are being put in place depicting the maximum rate of discharge from properties into the stormwater system in a bid to reduce the risk of overloading the stormwater system, thereby minimizing the risk of stormwater flooding.

Attenuation of stormwater and regulated/restricted flow into the existing stormwater system alleviates flooding and overloading in the stormwater system. 

Flow regulation with WaReg

Using a WaReg can help reduce flooding by precising regulating the flow into the stormwater system. Setting the WaReg flow regulator to a precis flow allows cities to calculate the flow into the stormwater system and thereby manage their system more effectively. By restricting the flow into the system the onus is place on the developer/property owner to attenuate their stormwater to pre-development levels and the city thereby reduces their need to increase the pipe capacity.

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