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You should never have to come home to a basement that is under water, or have to put up with odours from your drainage pipes. We offer solutions that are specially adapted to stop backflow, prevent flooding, stop pests in the drains and ensure that unpleasant smells from the drains do not enter the home. Whether it be a multi-family or a single-family house, we have the solutions. 


Below are various solutions for homes and reference projects that provide insight into how Wapro's products have been used for houses and homes.


WaBack® Residential

WaBack Residential is specially adapted for private properties and is installed in homes located in low-lying areas. The product prevents backflow from wastewater and stormwater.

WaStop® RSD DN110

WaStop RSD protects your home from backflows and floods. WaStop is ingenious in its simplicity and also protects against odors and keeps pests away.



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