Tidal Water

High tide flood can be seen in many places around the world. Outfalls are often inundated with sea water causing flooding of roads, residential areas and upstream in general. By using a Wapro product we can ensure the rising tides will be kept out of the stormwater network.

High tide flood together with heavy rainfalls

Tidal flooding occurs during 'King Tides' or 'Spring Tides' when the highest high tides are experienced. It is not uncommon for these extra high tides to occur at the same as a storm event with high rainfall and storm surges. During a high rainfall event it is advantageous to be able to use the stormwater pipe network for attenuation of the stormwater whilst the tide or stormsurge is high. Without a check valve there is a high risk that the stormwater outfalls will be filled with sea, lake or river water reducing the capacity of the stormwater network which causes flooding.

WaStop to control the high tide flood

Using a reliable inline check valve significantly decreases flooding and ponding during storms, can be installed easily and gives peace of mind.

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