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Flood protection

Avoid flooding due to backflow by using our innovative check valves.

Flow regulation

Prevent flooding and congestion of piping systems due to uncontrolled flows.

Shut-off & Control

Avoid environmentally hazardous substances getting into surface water, water sources, pasture, arable land etc.


Wapro offers solutions specially adapted for homes.

Pests & Odors

Avoid unpleasant smells from drains and keep pests away from the water-supply and sewer network.


Flow control for sustainable fish farming

Solutions for All Applications

Wapro protects people and communities from flooding and other dangers, e.g. pests in water-supply and sewerage systems. With its high level of expertise and long experience, Wapro moves forward as conditions change. We exceed expectations and ensure a worry-free existence for our customers. 


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