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The problem

Karlstad is a municipality in the Värmland region with over 95,000 inhabitants and is located between Stockholm and Oslo, Norway. In the Karlstad region you will find the biggest city Karlstad, Forshaga, Grums, Hammarö and Kil, which together have 145,000 inhabitants. Karlstad is a large city where you as a visitor can experience concerts, go to a museum or watch Färjestad hockey. Here you can also find Klarälven, which is a river that’s around 460 kilometers long.

The municipality had concerns with the Klarälven in particular. As the water level rose, nearby areas were flooded. To protect the pedestrian and cycle underpass that was nearby, they had to look at a flood protection.

karlstad skyddas från översvämning


WaGate® Sluice Gate

The solution fell on our WaGate Sluice Gate SPM-P-TG. When the water rises in Klarälven, the valve closes and the water that flows to Torpnoret is pumped out into the river via a pumping station. Using a water meter that keeps track of the water level, they can shut off the water flow at a higher water level.

Thanks to the sluice gates, there is no flooding in the nearby areas. And as usual, we would like to thank our customer in Karlstad and everyone involved for a good collaboration. We are always happy when we can protect people and property.

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