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The problem

Denmark has implemented comprehensive legislation to protect the environment from pollution, with a particular focus on safeguarding aquatic environments such as marine areas. The Danish Environmental Protection Agency is responsible for monitoring and overseeing water quality in Danish marinas and other natural water environments. This includes regular monitoring and assessment of the environmental state, with specific goals outlined in water management plans and Natura 2000 plans.

Denmark has also adopted a Marine Strategy to promote a healthy marine environment, which includes measures such as managing ballast water and controlling antifouling paints to prevent them from contaminating seawater. This can be achieved by establishing wash-down areas where discharges can be managed before returning to the sea. Additionally, the Danish Water Regulation Authority monitors the economic aspects of water and wastewater companies to ensure a reliable and accessible water supply for consumers.
These measures are designed to prevent hazardous substances and pollutants from reaching water resources and ecosystems, which is of utmost importance in sensitive areas such as marine environments where the risk of pollution is significant.

To meet these requirements, we were contacted by Kaløvig Marina.


WaGate® Gate Valve

Our skilled team in Denmark contributed to achieving high customer satisfaction by installing the WaGate gate valve SVL DN110 with control in a chamber as an integrated part of the drainage system at Kaløvig Marina. The WaGate gate valve is designed to automatically or manually shut off the water flow from the marina to adjacent water bodies in the event of potential pollution. The valve is equipped with a Linak control box, which offers the option of connecting to a PLC.

With this system, Kaløvig Marina can now be assured that they meet the regulatory requirements for protecting the nearby environment. Several other marinas, including Assens Marina and Kerteminde Marina, have shown interest and contacted us for similar solutions.

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