WaGate installation in water treatment plant in Great Neck

Great Neck Water Pollution Control District
Great Neck, New York
Area of use 
Flow regulation

The Great Neck Water Pollution Control District (GNWPCD) is a special commissioner-run district within the Town of North Hempstead. The GNWPCD has been in operation since 1915 and serves more than 25,000 residents.   

A new environmental goal was set up from the New York Department of Environmental Conservation, where they required nitrogen removal on their effluent, and the project to upgrade the Great Neck Water Pollution Control District was started. The scope of the project increased the plant´s daily capacity from 3.8 MGD to 5.3 MGD to meet the new increased system demands of the village of Great Neck.

During the removal and abandonment of one of the primary settling tanks a new 36” by pass line had to be installed in order to complete the new piping connections.


Having worked together previously, Bancker Construction, the contractor, inquired Wapro about possibly utilizing a WaGate on this application as they were facing product delays from other manufacturers. After meetings between Wapro, the owner, engineer and contractor the WaGate product was approved. 

The selected and approved product was a 36” WaGate SVG-TG with a 2” square nut operator. The valve was manufactured with eccentric flanges and special dimensions to accommodate the required lay length. Another added benefit of the WaGate is the HDPE and SS construction which allow for the valve to be suitable for corrosive environments as well contributing to it´s lightweight. The 36” WaGate weighed in at 550 pound where other traditional CI gate valves weigh closer to 8,000 pounds.

After approval the valve was delivered to the site within only 4 weeks of receipt of the purchase order and the project could move ahead without any material delay. This was a welcome relief for everyone involved. Installation was done in May of 2021.

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