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WaGate Protects Örebro

Örebro, Sweden| Shut-off & Control

The problem

Protecting the Environment with Tidal Check Valve Solutions

Addressing Contamination Risks: Flap Gate and Sluice Gate Installation

In Örebro municipality, home to 155,730 residents, environmental protection takes center stage. Our customer had a critical concern: the potential contamination of stormwater systems during firefighting efforts. When tackling a fire, the runoff from contaminated extinguishing water posed a significant threat, as it could find its way into the stormwater pipes, eventually discharging into the nearest sea outfall.

Tidal Check Valve: Safeguarding Water Quality

To mitigate this environmental hazard, our solution involved the strategic placement of tidal check valves. These specialized valves, including flap gates and sluice gates, were precisely installed to ensure that stormwater systems could be effectively shut off in the event of a fire. By employing these preventive measures, our customer could rest assured that contaminating water would not reach the closest sea outfall, safeguarding the purity of the surrounding water.

Preserving the Ecosystem, One Valve at a Time

Our commitment to environmental preservation extends beyond Örebro municipality. We're dedicated to providing tidal check valve solutions that protect our precious ecosystems, ensuring that our waterways remain uncontaminated and our natural habitats undisturbed.


WaGate® Gate Valve

Enhancing Safety with Tidal Check Valve Solutions

Introducing WaGate SVM-TG: Ensuring Protection and Peace of Mind

In Örebro municipality, the safety of its 155,730 residents is of paramount importance. To address the critical issue of potential contamination during firefighting efforts, we implemented a robust solution. We constructed two shut-off valves, known as WaGate SVM-TG, within a spacious 55" chamber.

Tidal Check Valve Expertise

Flap Gate and Sluice Gate Implementation

Our expertise in tidal check valves, including flap gates and sluice gates, played a pivotal role in fortifying the stormwater system. Under normal circumstances, stormwater flows seamlessly through the chamber, with the large valve open and the smaller valve closed. However, in the event of an accident, a swift response is needed.

Emergency Response Mechanism

Protection in Critical Moments

Our innovative solution ensures a rapid and effective response. When an accident occurs, the larger valve promptly closes, while the smaller one opens, directing the contaminated extinguishing water into a sealed chamber. This design facilitates easier chamber cleaning for our valued customer.

Safety and Peace of Mind

Defending Örebro's Residents

With our meticulously engineered valves in place, we offer enhanced safety measures to protect the people of Örebro. Triggered by signals from fire alarms or similar mechanisms, our solution provides the utmost peace of mind in case of unforeseen accidents.

A Grateful Partnership

Working Together for a Safer Tomorrow

We extend our sincere gratitude to our customer for choosing our comprehensive solutions. This partnership allows us to provide protection to more individuals and contribute to the safety of the community.

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