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WaGate Protects Örebro

Örebro, Sweden| Shut-off & Control

The problem

Our customer in Örebro municipality, a municipality with 155,730 inhabitants, demanded that they could shut off their storm water systems in the event of a fire. When extinguishing a fire, contaminated extinguishing water flows down into the storm water pipes, which then flows out the nearest sea outfall. This is a environmental hazard and the customer did not want contaminating water going out to the closest sea outfall where it would contaminate the water. Preventive measures were needed and, fortunately we could help them with just that.

WaGate Örebro


WaGate® Gate Valve

For this solution we built 2 shut-off valves (WaGate SVM-TG) in a 55” chamber. Normally the storm water flows straight through the chamber, which means that the big valve is open, and the smaller valve is closed. Should an accident occur, the bigger valve will close and the smaller one will open, making it possible for the contaminated extinguishing water to flow into a closed chamber so that the customer can clean the chamber in an easier way. This usually happens via a signal from a fire alarm or similar. Thanks to our valves being in place, we can protect the people of Örebro and give the customer a piece of mind, knowing that the valves protect them in case an accident takes place. We thank our customer for choosing to go with our solutions and for the opportunity to help more people.

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