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WaReg protects homes from flooding in Sweden

Backaryds Water Treatment Plant| Backaryd, Sweden| Flood protection Flow regulation

The problem

As part of routine maintenance Backaryd Water Treatment Plant backwashes their filters on a regular basis. During this process, water is discharged into the town's sewer network at a rate of 16 l/s. The town's sewer network is capable of handling a flow of no more than 5 l/s, so when it receives 16 l/s during the backwash process it becomes problematic for the downstream residents. When backwashing occurs, homes in the downstream area suffer from sewer backflows into their basements through toilets, showers, and floor drains. There are a few different methods to solve this issue. One method is to increase the pipe size to accommodate the flow. This, however, is an expensive solution for a town of 400 people. The more effective and less resource-demanding solution is to control the flow, attenuate the excess, and only release what the downstream pipes are capable of handling.



WaReg® Flow Regulator

A WaReg flow regulator was installed to regulate the flow out of the water treatment plant.  WaReg releases a maximum of 5 l/s which is what the downstream pipes can handle without having the potential to cause basement flooding.  When the flow rate exceeds 5 l/s WaReg regulates the flow and excess water is retained in an attenuation piping system.  This allows the water treatment plant to perform their regular maintenance and gives the homeowners peace of mind that they will no longer suffer again from basement flooding. 

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