WaStop DN600 installed in Woori Yallock, Yarra Valley, Victoria, Australia

Yarra Valley Council
Woori Farmland, Yarra Valley, Australia
Area of use 
Flood protection

A productive farm area suffered from flooding when high river levels in the Yarra River coincided with high rain fall.  A result of development of a residential area near the farmland has been a higher runoff given the increase in impervious surfaces. The stormwater drainage pipes which lead the rainwater to the river become filled with river water when levels are high. The rainwater then has nowhere to go except to pond on farmland. When this occurs the farmer must move his cattle causing inconvenience and concern when the farmer isn’t on his property at that particular time.


A WaStop was installed to prevent the river from backing up into the creek, and leaving the stormwater system available for rainwater detention while the river is high.  This has effectively stopped flooding and given the farmer peace of mind knowing his cattle are safe.

WaStop Design:  A standard WaStop DN600 was installed in a headwall. The installation took roughly 30 minutes to complete.

Thanks Hygrade Water Australia for supplying this information.  http://www.hygradewater.com.au/


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