Hotels guests enjoy a breath of fresh air

Location: Doha, Qatar

Customer: The Torch Hotel


The Touch Hotel is a haven for the discerning traveler. At 300m high and with 360° panoramic views of Doha, a four-level fitness centre and its canter-levered pool, its a landmark hotel. Hotel guests have high expectations when staying at the Torch Hotel so when complaints began about sewer odors the hotel management needed to respond quickly. 

When building the Aspire Tower, which houses the Torch Hotel, the sewer lines from the rooms were connected directly to the sewer main through five chambers. No odour traps were installed which lead to odour smells wafting up from the main sewer line to the exclusive hotel rooms and some common areas. The hotel management approached Wapro looking for a solution which could be implemented quickly into their existing system. 


WaStop was deemed to be the best solution for the problem given its complete seal against odour and good resistance to hydrogen sulfide (H2S) - the gas most commonly causing unpleasant sewer odors and which is also deadly in high concentrations. 

The sewer lines from the hotel led into chambers prior to entering the main sewer line and this was deemed the most effective place to install WaStop. Five WaStop’s were installed on the inlets into the chambers preventing odors from drifting back up the sewer lines into the hotel rooms and common areas. Installing WaStop was an instant solution to the inconvenient problem. 

The hotel management team were very happy with the solution and could focus on their core business - guest satisfaction. 

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