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The impact of floods on our communities and our homes

Submitted by lotta on 21 August 2023

The impact of floods on our communities and our homes

I believe most of us have taken note of the significant increase in rainfall that has occurred lately around the world. These intense rain fall events lead to flooding in our communities, in our homes and also have a negative CO2 impact. A basement flood causes significant damage to belongings, memories, investments and can be costly to restore.

A personal experience

For many of us, these floods have not just been headlines but a personal experience. Intense rainfall unfortunately can overwhelm sewer systems, leading to sewage water backing up through pipes and flooding basements. It´s not only an extremely unpleasant experience, but valuable possessions are at risk of damage.

How can basement flooding be prevented during heavy rain?

The WaBack non-return chamber has been on the market for over 35 years and offers a reliable solution to minimize the risk of basement flooding.

Investing in a WaBack non-return chamber provides you with peace of mind. With minimal maintenance required, property owners need not worry about basement floods and can instead feel secure that no damage will occur during the next rainfall.

How does the WaBack non-return chamber work?

The WaBack non-return chamber ensures that basements remain dry during heavy rain or other events that cause backflow. The valve remains open for flow under normal conditions, however, during backflow the floatation device rises and seals against a disc effectively sealing off the pipe from backflow. The WaBack is particularly useful for heavily polluted water and can therefore be used in both sewage and stormwater systems.

WaBack is available in a few models to suit different applications, such as an Access model for easily maintenance at depth, and a Residential version for basement installations.



By mitigating floods, the impact on the environment is reduced by stopping the chemicals and heavy metals being washed out into our rivers and oceans, and preventing water damage to homes which decreases the need for renovation and sanitization.

Non-return valves aren't just beneficial for homeowners – a community can benefit from preventing basement flooding by reducing damage and costs, improving the living environment, increasing property values, and preserving infrastructure.

To learn more about how you can contribute to flood prevention, read more here.