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Martin Widerberg, Exportsäljare i Europa

Meet Martin Widerberg, Sales Area Manager in Europe

Submitted by admin on 9 February 2022

Say hi to Martin Widerberg,

Wapro´s Area Sales Manager in Europe who has many years of experience in product- and service sales. For about five years Martin has been selling Wapro´s innovative products, starting with two years as a Technical Salesman in the South of Sweden and Finland. Since 2018, Martin has Europe as his working area, meeting distributors and customers and their challenges with flooding and backflow, several caused by climate change.

”Common-sense and simplicity with a determination to perform above expectations, is an excerpt from Wapro’s mission statement that I strive to uphold on a daily basis to ensure that our customers can expect that we always offer the best solutions based on the customers’ specific needs and requirements every day, in everything we do.”

When Martin isn´t on a business trip somewhere in Europe, he is happy to take his motorcycle out for a ride on nice country roads through Sweden.

Contact Martin to find out more about flood prevention