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Lotta och Sandra från Wapros Kundservice

Say hello to Customer Service!

Submitted by admin on 9 February 2022

Lotta and Sandra provide Wapro's customers the best, simplest and fastest service that´s possible every day. They do a fantastic job handling orders and enquiries from all corners of the world.

A normal day involves everything from coordination of sales and order process, logistics, quotation requests, to customer support via telephone, mail and chat from customers all over the world.

What is the most fun thing about working with Customer Service?

"- The variety of work tasks, no two days are the same. Also being able to give our customers the best service possible which make their life easier. After eight years at Wapro, this is something I am still passionate about every day," says Sandra. Lotta agrees and ends with; - Having contact with so many different customers in so many countries is fun and exciting. But the best part is when we get positive feedback telling how satisfied the customers are with Wapro´s solution and service."