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Say hello to Filip Fagerström, sourcing

Submitted by admin on 9 February 2022

Filip Fagerström is our colleague who does an excellent job with purchasing and is the spider in the net between warehousing, production, suppliers and delivery reliability. Filip started at Wapro in the spring of 2017 and previously worked in quality assurance of the car brand Aston Martin's aluminum parts.

Important functions such as quality assurance, planning and follow-up are daily recurring tasks for Filip, when he´s not in meetings with supplier or deepens himself in parameters in Wapro's business system.

“Since I started at Wapro almost 5 years ago, there has been constant change, development and streamlining in every department in the company, which I am passionate about and enjoy. The fact that I have colleagues with the same enthusiasm, trust and positive energy does the workplace even better”

Filip is also passionate about playing golf and driving enduro, he also likes to brew beer and play padel with his partner and friends in his new hometown Malmö in Sweden.