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Landbaserad fiskeodling

Wapro expands product portfolio

Submitted by admin on 9 February 2022

Wapro AB, a Swedish based market leader in high quality solutions for flow regulation and flood protection, acquires the Danish niche company Proagria Miljø A/S. 

Proagria develops and manufactures flow regulation solutions used in both land-based fish farming and for municipal use in stormwater and wastewater segments. 

”Proagria was acquired by our owner, Laagercrantz Group AB and we’re excited to have Proagria as a part of Wapro. Wapro has a longstanding relationship with Proagria as a partner on the Swedish market and we believe their high-quality products can play an integral role in helping our endeavour to protect people and property from flooding. We look forward to being able to offer these products to our customers in Europe, North America and other markets” says Torgny Larsson, MD Wapro AB. 

New market  Proagria and Wapro both focus on the stormwater and waste-water segment, with a focus on the end users – Towns, Cities, Municipalities and Regions/States. A new and exciting segment for Wapro is the land-based fish industry in which Proagria has a strong market awareness. 

“We’re excited to learn more about a new growth market. Land-based fish farming is the fastest growing industry within the food production market worldwide. We’re excited to be contributing to a sustainable alternative for the environment and it feels good to be able to enter this market with quality products from Proagria” says Torgny Larsson. 

Diverse Team  Wapro consist today of 24 employees in Sweden, Germany, and USA, in a variety of roles in innovation, manufacturing, marketing, sales as well as customer and technical support. With the acquisition of Proagria Wapro gains 30 Danish colleagues with a great deal of know-how who are excited to develop the company further with new leadership and team members. 

”We value all our employees and the skills and knowledge they bring to the company. We have a lot to learn from each other - the exchanging knowledge and experience has already begun. Our goal is to find synergies to develop and grow and we believe this will lead to bringing new talent onboard when the time is right” says Torgny. 

Both companies have a long, solid history and are market leaders with high quality protection against backflow related flooding and flow regulation. With this acquisition Wapro strengthens its position and continues to innovate, manufacture, test, market and sell products wherever there is a need.