We can all see it, feel it, experience it – the climate changes are affecting us all. Regardless of where we reside, more frequent and higher levels of precipitation is something we have to get used to. And handle. We know that stormwater runoff in intensive storms can cause flooding.  By utilizing effective flow regulation we know that flooding can be minimized and even mitigated.  Our team of engineers had one thought in mind whilst designing the new WaReg® 3.0; Holding back the flood. Led by Pontus Magnusson, our Product Innovation team of engineers at Wapro have worked hard to design a flow regulator that is infinately more efficient than the common vortext design.  Over and above that, we have designed the WaReg® to enable asset owners to adapt flow rates post-installation. All with an ambition to provide the best solution to keep people and property safe.

We know most municipalities are dealing with reduced maintenance budgets. This increases the need for products with lower maintenance requirements. Building this into our design, we have constructed the WaReg® with a constant open outflow area which minimizes blockages.

By utilizing the retained water levels, we are able to ensure a constant flow rate through the WaReg Flow Regulator. Using this method of regulation we minimize the need for a head of water, thereby reducing the requirements for civil construction. WaReg® therefore reduces the overall cost of a flood mitigation project.

To find out more about this fantastic product sign up to our webinar on the 9th of May or contact our Technical Support team on

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