Wapro is growing...

...and so is our workforce.
We’d like to introduce Richard Neal, a highly skilled and experienced professional based in Orlando, Florida.
Richard will do everything in his power to help you, tailoring solutions for your specific needs.

Lets hear what Richards has to say:

- Hello to everyone! I’ve recently joined the Wapro Inc sales team and am based out of Orlando Florida. I’ll bring to Wapro experience in municipal pressure piping and control valves along with flow control gates used in flood control and chamber isolation. I have been involved in pipe installation from aerial crossing to horizontal directional drilling ranging in pipe sizes of 4” to 192” diameter across the US and believe my background provides the knowledge to serve our customers better. I’m looking forward to working Wapro as a company given their passionate approach to holding back the flood, and to working with the Wapro product lines with a line-up of ingenious products including the WaStop, WaReg and WaBack, all of which I can see a need for here right outside my back door in Florida.

Best Regards,
Richard Neal
Florida Regional Sales RepresentativeWAPRO Inc. Main Office
150 N Michigan Ave. Suite 1950
Chicago, IL 60601
PH: 888-927-8677
Cell: 407-398-9868
E-mail: Richard.Neal@WAPRO.com
WEB: www.waproinc.com

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