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City of Hamilton protected from Storm Surge Flooding

City of Hamilton| Hamilton, Ontario, Canada| Flood protection

The problem

The City of Hamilton is a port city in the Canadian province of Ontario. The City of Hamilton is the 10th largest municipality in Canada and is situated at the west end of Lake Ontario.  Flooding has been a problem in some pockets of Hamilton, partly due to rain and snow melt, but also due to high lake levels and storm surges. One location suffered from rocks entering and filling up a chamber which then blocked the stormwater from flowing out through the chamber into the lake. The chamber needed to have the function of a non-return valve to ensure that high lake levels were kept from backflowing up the stormwater pipe and onto the residential properties in the area.



WaStop® Inline Check valve

Using a WaStop in outlet of chamber, rocks were stopped from entering the chamber, and lake water was stopped from backflowing into the stormwater system. This allowed the stormwater to flow freely into the lake, whilst preventing backflow flooding.

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