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Denmarks biggest Wastop

Esbjerg, Denmark| Flood protection

The problem

Floods at Esbjerg Harbor caused by high sea levels. Esbjerg Harbor in Denmark has long had problems with flooding caused by high sea levels pressing into the stormwater system. When seawater enters the system, it becomes overloaded, which can cause damage to buildings and infrastructure in the area.

The harbor experiences strong forces from waves and wind, which increases the risk of flooding. This has been a major problem for both Esbjerg Municipality and the companies operating in the harbor. To solve the problem, an effective solution has been sought to protect the stormwater system from flooding during high sea levels.

wastop backventil danmark


WaStop® Inline Check valve

The solution chosen by Esbjerg Municipality and the harbor's companies was our WaStop DN1800 backflow valve at the outlet of the stormwater line. This will be the largest WaStop in Denmark. The choice of a WaStop was easy since the customer already had a WaStop DN1600 installed two years ago.

The WaStop has high resistance to external factors, such as waves, etc. This makes Esbjerg Municipality feel confident that the WaStop DN1800 will withstand the strong forces of waves and wind in the harbor area. The installation of WaStop DN1800 will be carried out at the outlet of one of the stormwater lines in the harbor and is expected to help prevent flooding during high sea levels. The fact that the WaStop requires minimal maintenance and can be easily cleaned as needed is a major plus when it comes to backflow valves of this size.

In summary, the WaStop DN1800 is a perfect solution for protecting Esbjerg Harbor from flooding caused by high sea levels, as well as a perfect choice for addressing the challenges of waves and wind in the harbor area.

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