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Depew, NY protected from flooding with WaStop

Department of Public Works| Depew, NY USA| Flood protection

The problem

Flooding occurred regularly at the pubic works (water and sewer) yard where offices, public works trucks and snow plows are located.

An old underground valve vault in the compound flooded every year in the spring snow melt. The vault drained into the creek and was protected with an iron flap valve. The flap valve always seized partly open rendering it useless for flood protection. The operators didn't want to force the valve closed during storm events as they then feared it wouldn't open during rainfall events. When the vault flooded the valves in the vault sustained damage and over time valves and fasteners became inoperable.



WaStop® Inline Check valve

A 24″ WaStop replaced the flap valve on the drain from the vault. WaStop provides 100% protection from flooding during the spring melt enabling the valve vault to be utilized again. Since this installation the public works office have retrofitted several smaller WaStop for similar applications.

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