Energy saved at stormwater pump station with WaStop in Sweden

Stockholm Water
Stockholm, Sweden
Area of use 
Flood protection

One of Stockholms oldest storm water pump stations which lifted water a few meters was built with two metal flap valves. The flap valves didn’t function particularly well and when the pump was not running water leaked back into the pump causing damage to the pump. This lead to high repair costs and the pump ran more than necessary leading to higher energy usage.  Noise pollution was another issue as every time the pump stopped the metal flap valves slammed shut causing irritation to local residents.


Wapro offered a WaStop NPS 30" as a solution. The existing opening and flange was measured and a customized WaStop was built to suit the pre-existing conditions. The WaStop was shorter than standard and the flange was placed in the middle of the valve to allow installation without an alterations to the existing building.

The WaStop valve has now been in operation since 2006 and hasn't required any repairs. It seals 100% and makes no noise when closing. WaStop valves have 16 feet.  It was a perfect solution for this location with multiple problems.


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