Marsh Landing - Case study follow-up

Marsh Landing
Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida
Area of use 
Flood protection

Marsh Landing faced multiple threats and needed a reliable long-term solution to salt water intrusion. The residents of Marsh Landing needed protection from flooding caused by high sea levels as well as having a need to secure the inland eco-system from damage caused by saltwater intrusion in the freshwater system.  Salt water in the fresh water lakes caused damage to the flora and fauna in the freshwater environment.


We at Wapro know our products have a long life expectancy and handle the tough trials they are exposed to in real life situations. But to prove what we already know, follow-up is of great importance to us. This project is of particular interest as it is about both flood protection for people and property as well as protecting a large, sensitive eco-system with a variety of species and plants.

After four years of operation, our WaStop inline check valves look like new. The result is as expected.  We always expect perfect performance from our products and this installation has confirmed that we're meeting our own expectations. Not a drip of water passed through the 3 WaStops that Pontus and Robin inspected and they couldn’t find any growth of any kind on the membranes.

For four years now, Wapro 
products have given the residents of Marsh Landing and the ecosystem in the area, peace of mind. The WaStop check valves will remain certain of a secure and sustainable solution for many years to come.



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