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Marsh Landing - WaStop DN450mm

Marsh Landing Management Company| Marsh Landing, Jacksonville Florida| Flood protection

The problem

Salt water leaking into freshwater ponds was causing damage to fauna and flora, as well as structural damage to pipes. 


WaStop® Inline Check valve

As an initial step towards reducing the volume of salt water that was leaking into freshwater ponds, a WaStop DN450 was installed in an outfall structure. The WaStop successfully stopped the salt water while still allowing the ponds to release fresh water into the creek when water levels rise. Results of the procedure could be seen immediately, as salinity levels in the ponds were lower, thereby allowing freshwater fauna and flora to thrive again.

Design: A DN450 short version was installed inside the pond outlet leading to the saltwater creek.

Thanks to Wapro Inc for supplying this information. 

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