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Peace of Mind Lidköping

Lidköping, Sverige| Flood protection Shut-off & Control

The problem

Our customer in Lidköping was going to install a new pumping station and was keen that it would be easy to operate and maintain. In order for that to be possible, they wanted to have shut-off control and a non-return valve in the same chamber so that their maintenance can be carried out easily. They also wanted a special type of chamber, as you can see in the image, so that the water would flow through more easily.

brunn med wagate och klafflucka


WaGate® Gate Valve

The solution was an exciting one for us and our customer. They went with our WaGate Gate Valve and our WaGate Flap Gate. By having the Gate Valve in place, it allows the customer to stop the flow of water to carry out maintenance in a smooth and safe way. The choice fell on a Flap Gate because it suited the customer best in relation to their needs. The WaGate Flap is effective when it comes to preventing backflow at pumping stations.

We thank our customer in Lidköping and everyone involved for a good collaboration. We are always happy when we can help our customers find peace of mind.

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