Reducing costs and protecting pumping stations with WaStop

Värnamo Municipality
Värnamo, Sweden
Area of use 
Flood protection
Pests & odors

Pumping station emergency outfalls are necessary, but are also a weak point in the system. Emergency overflows generally release into a nearby water-body such as a river, creek or lake. These water-bodies are susceptible to high levels in times of heavy rain and flooding. The pumping stations in Värnamo are no exception. When the Lagan river is running high, an influx of water enters the sewer system through the emergency outlets from pumping stations. This results in stormwater being pumped to the treatment plant increasing both the treatment costs and pumping costs considerably.  An increased volume of water to the treatment plant requiring treatment also increases the operation costs, and increases the maintenance costs.

Pumping stations need to have an emergency overflow in case of an overload in the sewer system but without protection the function of the overflow can be the opposite leading water into the pumping station. This is a common vulnerability for all pumping stations that overflow into a river, creek, lake or other body of water.  When backflow occurs the pumping station becomes overloaded and the pump is unable to deal with the amount of water in the system. This can lead to extensive flooding in basements of homes in the surrounding areas. By installing a check valve on the emergency overflow the pumping station is also protected from debris and small animals which can otherwise block the overflow rendering it useless when it is called into action.


Värnamo Municipality installed WaStop on their pumping station outfalls.  The installations were fast and simple given the ability to install either on the inlet or outlet from the pumping station.  WaStop is completely sealed against backflow and at the same time is sealed against odor, stopping odor escaping the pumping stations. Debris, sand, silt and suchlike is prevented from blocking the outlet ensuring it is fully function when required with minimizes maintenance and therefore costs.

Värnamo now has the best solution for their pumping station backflow problems.

Quite literally,

Holding back the flood


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