River of Life - Kuala Lumpa

City of Kuala Lumpa/PVT Engineering
Kuala Lumpa, Malaysia
Area of use 
Flood protection

The Klang River winds through Malaysia’s capital city of Kuala Lumpur and flows through the most densely populated area of the Southeast Asian country. Over the years and in the wake of rapid development in the city, the river became increasingly polluted and experienced intensified flooding during storm seasons. It became the backdoor of development and a dumping ground that is disconnected from people’s daily lives.


To reconnect the city, the river and her people, Kuala Lumpur City Hall launched the River of Life project in 2012. River of Life is one of Malaysia government’s Economic Transformation Programs, an initiative which combines high-impact projects and programs to elevate the country to developed nation status.

Divided into three main components – river cleaning, river master-planning and beautification – the USD1.3-billion River of Life project covers the confluences of three city rivers, with a total area of 781 hectares and 63 hectares of water bodies. The project is set to bring the community ‘back’ to the river through a 100 per cent transformation into a vibrant waterfront with high economic and commercial value, rejuvenating the city’s river and re-connecting it to the surrounding urban fabric.

River of Life will deliver affordable housing for more than 35,000 new residents, one million square meters of commercial space, more than 27,000 new employment opportunities, raise the public transportation usage within the master plan area from 15 per cent to 60 per cent and reduce traffic demand by 15 per cent by 2020.

The project also includes backflow prevention in many locations to ensure high river levels do not affect the residents of the new housing areas.

The pictures show two installation of WaStop, a DN1800 (NPS 72”) and DN1000 (NPS 42”). These installations are just one part of a larger project where Wapro is providing backflow prevention to protect people and property from flooding. This part of the project involves 45 valves ranging in size from DN500 (NPS 20”) to DN1800 (NPS 72”).

Wapro- two-installation-WaStop-tidal-check-valve

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