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Stormwater flooding in Columbia stopped with WaStop

City of Columbia, SC, | City of Columbia, SC, USA| Flood protection

The problem

A residential area in Columbia was prone to flooding from the nearby river during heavy rain. The existing stormwater drainage system was insufficient to cope with heavier rainfall events and also allowed backflow from the river when the river was in flood.  Many homes were at risk of flood damage during heavy rain situations.  This caused concern amongst residents who worried about their homes, insurance and property values.



WaStop® Inline Check valve

A new stormwater system was installed, and as part of this system a 18” WaStop was installed at the critical outfall pipe in the river. The homeowners were reassured that the valve would protect them from the river, and the new stormwater system would keep their homes dry during rainfall events.  The system properly drains during heavy rain, and the WaStop stops all backflow from the river into the stormwater system.

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