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Stormwater Outfalls in Pärnu, Estonia

Pärnu City Covernment| Pärnu, Estonia| Flood protection

The problem

Pärnu is the fourth largest city in Estonia with a population of approximately 40 000 people. The city sits off the coast of Pärnu Bay and has amazing beaches along the coastline, making it a popular summer holiday resort among Estonians.

Wapro visited the utility company Pärnu Vesi together with our distributor in Estonia, AS Teramet in 2019 to discuss how we could help resolve flood-related issues for different applications in the city. From the meeting it was concluded that stormwater outfalls were a common application in which the end user could install non return valves to prevent rising sea levels backflowing into the stormwater system.

In 2021, Wapro got contacted by our partner, AS Teramet, as a survey had been conducted by Pärnu City Covernment to determine which stormwater outfalls they were going to invest in with flood protection to counter the existing and potential issues related to sea level rise.


WaStop® Inline Check valve

It was discovered that ten outfalls, located around the city, were prone to flooding. We received photos and measurements of the various outfalls and since none of the pipes had a headwall, Wapro’s engineers designed the WaStop Non-Return Valves suitable for either in-pipe fixing, where the installation is made through the outlet-collar of the valves into the existing host-pipe or with custom-designed flanges suitable to be attached directly to the protruding concrete pipes.

The design and supply of WaStop’s in dimensions, varied from 500mm to 1400mm, along with a Stormwater Chamber with a pre-installed WaStop 500mm. The thin stainless-steel housing of the valve in combination with the ingenious memory membrane, ensures minimal head loss and optimal flow properties.

With a unique pulsating flow mechanism every time the membrane opens, the WaStop Non-Return Valve reduces the risk of debris, silt and sand getting trapped between the membrane and the stainless-steel housing, ensuring an effective flood protection and minimal maintenance requirements for many years to come.

Thanks to our partner in Estonia, AS Teramet for an excellent co-operation. We are pleased to be able to protect the people and property in the city of Pärnu from flooding.

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