Tybee Island - Initial Case Study

Tybee Island
Tybee Island, a city and a barrier island located in Chatham County, Georgia, USA.
Area of use 
Flood protection

Tybee Island is sensitive to high water levels due to the lack of elevation on the island.  High sea levels have a tremendous impact on the island, as does high sea levels to most of the low lying southern East Coast of USA.  High rainfall events can also impact the island, causing flooding from inland.  This rainfall combined with high sea levels puts infrastructure to the test.
Prior to the installation of WaStop Inline Check Valves, the City of Tybee island trialled other check valves with unsatisfying results. The solution was to provide a complete seal against backflow, in high and low pressure situations.  This is one area WaStop excels.

Tybee Island needed reliable and functional valves to stop back flow from the ocean, whilst draining water from upstream. High tide events would lead to dry-weather flooding on streets caused by backflow in the stormwater network.  The backflow of sea water often filled the stormwater system which in turn reduced retention capacity and rendering the stormwater system useless even in normal rainfall events.  This lead to wide spread flooding in residential areas.


Wastop has prevented tidal water from entering the system and no flooding has occurred since the installation despite the recent King Tide. WaStop provides peace of mind and residents can be assured of no more dry-weather flooding.

Wapro - Holding back the flood  


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